Hi, I'm Jaiyan Khosa. I'm an indie game developer who loves exploring the human condition through video games. I make games for going into things like love, death, fear, time, thought, security, comparison, ambition, belief, attachment, pleasure, pain, sorrow, and authority.

Overall, I'm inspired by J. Krishnamurti's message and love seeing if games can awaken intelligence in fun, interactive and meaningful ways.

Mavenmob is what I use to develop and publish my games with the help of some delightfully awesome collaborators.

I started playing video games when I was 4 and got into building things on computers with a hacker mentality when I was 12. From ansi art, music tracking and graphic design to video editing and web development.

After finishing my degree and traveling a little bit, I wanted to make my own products that somehow helped people and also maybe had something to do with spirituality, psychology, philosophy and all that, as I'd been interested in those things for a number of years.

So I learned programming and started with my first iOS app in 2013. Soon after, I decided to focus on making games only, using SpriteKit for my next project, but switching to Unity in 2015. Around this time, while working on my first Unity game, I also used J. Krishnamurti's teachings as a mirror for understanding myself.

In 2017, I brought it all together, and ever since I've got this passion for bringing about a different understanding through the medium of video games.

This understanding comes from going into things like love, death, fear, time, thought, security, comparison, ambition, belief, attachment, pleasure, pain, sorrow, and authority.

By going into these things, we end up examining our own relationship to them, revealing the process of our own thinking and bringing about a quality of observation that sees the whole.

This is the beginning of understanding not just intellectually, verbally, or emotionally, but actually, with both your heart and your mind at the same time. It isn't something you practice.

The very bringing about of this understanding, this seeing, is the "awakening of intelligence." And from there, this intelligence, which isn't yours or mine, acts wherever you are and in whatever you do.

If it doesn't then it's all just intellectual, and that has no meaning whatsoever.

My games may help you discover for yourself those causes which get in the way of awakening intelligence, or they may not. They might bring out the joy of questioning yourself, of investigating, allowing you to make your own authentic discovery, or they might not. There's nothing for anyone to agree or disagree with. Together, we're observing the whole phenomenon of human existence, which is our existence.

I'm definitely not some sort of authority on this stuff. I'm just exploring, and if you want to explore with me, you can play my games.

"I am concerned, as we are all concerned, about the transformation of a human mind, human being, which is absolutely necessary. That’s all we’re concerned about, not about Krishnamurti’s teachings. To blazes with all that. I say: are we concerned about this, are we passionate about this? It has nothing to do with somebody’s teaching.

So it is of the utmost importance to comprehend the process which engenders these limitations, hatreds, sorrows. Action born of integral understanding will be a liberating force, though the effects of such action may not show themselves in your lifetime or within a set period.

Time is of no consequence. A bloody revolution does not bring about lasting peace or happiness for all. Instead of merely desiring immediate peace in this world of confusion and agony, consider how you, the individual, can be a centre, not of peace, but of intelligence. Intelligence is essential for order, harmony and man's well-being."- J. Krishnamurti

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