Now Posting on Instagram and Medium

Over the past little bit I’ve tweaked up a few external things for Mavenmob.

First, I’ll be posting weekly on where I will talk about the types of things Mavenmob games are all about.

Second, I’ll be posting on Instagram daily. I decided to go with a simple ANSI art style and a variety of post types, including quotes, photos, graphics, screenshots, videos, etc. After finally picking a posting style that felt right, I can’t help the ideas from coming.

So, I look forward to providing some tidbits of value through these platforms, which may trickle down and end up as someone somewhere discovering something new.

Other tweaks include a new monthly mailing list email with updates and highlighted posts from Instagram, Medium, and Patreon, the ability to donate via PayPal or credit card on and each game’s site, updates (I sent out my first set of merch for The Word Is Not The Thing), and finally, I got around to tiny issues on that were lingering.

Up next is continuing to tell people about The Word Is Not The Thing and starting preproduction on The Creation of a Self.

Get more frequent design insights, screenshots and more on mavenmob’s patreon blog. You can view it here:

The Word Is Not The Thing: Update 3

A few new things have been done for The Word Is Not The Thing as well as for Mavenmob overall.

For Mavenmob, I’ve set up a Patreon page and a merchandise store where you can buy t-shirts, posters, postcards and stickers. For The Word Is Not The Thing, I’ve completed the trailer, updated the game page as well as wrote up a Press Kit, and set up its Steam page.

With the Pateron page, you can get free access to all new games and receive postcards, posters, and t-shirts for each game as they are released. There’s also a monthly digital wallpaper and access to a patron only blog where I post more frequently; posting design insights, screenshots and quotes related to the current game I’m making at any given time.

In the press kit I also wrote up a fun little question section for The Word Is Not The Thing which I’ll post on here.

Check out the updated page The Word Is Not The Thing and its trailer!