The Word Is Not The Thing: Update 7

In working on the iOS/Mobile version for The Word Is Not The Thing I came across a Graphics.Blit issue with one of my plugins. After going through a few fixes I finally found the issue was with viewports and the RenderTexture not being cleared on one of my cameras even though the scene would switch. Since I wasn’t using the default viewport settings I solved it by updating my camera setup, but got carried away making small refinements. So I ended up created a new unity project of the game to gain more control over the mobile version while getting to learn some new things about Unity in terms of setting up for future projects.

I cleaned up some things as well as made it a much better experience overall. One of the things I think is cool is that when you zoom into a painting or a picture or the final boss, the word removal fills the entire screen. Plus I added some camera zooming into the nature scenes. There are no issues with the iOS version at this point, from what I can tell.

I’ve also decided to make a quick app preview. Nothing too fancy, just a video showing the game moving backwards from end to beginning. Up next is testing for Android and getting the booklet finished up.

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