Based in Canada

Release date:
November 19, 2014

iOS (Universal)

Regular Price:
USD$0.99 (Gold Edition)


Bullet Bob is a casual-style platforming game for iOS where it's all about avoiding bullets, surviving and going after high scores. It combines the fun and simplicity of Mario with the rage and anger of Flappy Bird. It's addicting in its delivery of quick and rewarding gameplay. Players must avoid bullets that are unrelenting in their pursuit to destroy anything that gets in their way. Players can pick up and play anytime, continue their progress, unlock fun and easily recognizable bullets and take on leaderboards as they go.


Bullet Bob was created with the desire to make a simple and casual game of the "tap-tap" variety while adding a little bit of a platforming twist. It's mostly the work of Jaiyan Khosa. It's his first game built using SpriteKit and JSTileMap.


  • Addicting, fast and rewarding gameplay
  • 100+ hand-crafted levels
  • Easy to master controls
  • Fun recognizable bullets
  • Awesome chiptune music for that retro feel
  • Auto-save, so you can pick up and continue playing after getting pissed off
  • Nostalgic, funny, and insightful death scenes to share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Hardcore/Random game modes and other gut-busting achievements
  • Global in-game high score for supreme motivation


Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot
Bullet Bob Screenshot

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About Mavenmob

Mavenmob is the work of Jaiyan Khosa, an indie game developer from Canada who loves exploring the human condition through video games. He makes games for going into things like love, death, fear, time, thought, security, comparison, ambition, belief, attachment, pleasure, pain, sorrow, and authority. Overall, he's inspired by J. Krishnamurti's message and loves seeing if games can awaken intelligence in fun, interactive and meaningful ways.

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Bullet Bob Credits

Jaiyan Khosa
Design, Programming, Graphics

Parmvir Gill
Additional Design, Testing

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