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Paws is a match 3 puzzle game for iOS and Android that has players mastering the use of stress-busting powerups, getting combos, managing stress and clearing mind jellys, all while helping the cutest little cat from stressing out.

If Paws stresses out, there's a relaxing breathing mechanic to help calm him down, which ends up also relaxing the player.

With cute animations, varying difficulty, and lots of freebies throughout, it's a fun little game that attempts to raise awareness for overcoming stress and anxiety in a cute, fun and playful way.

"Poor little Paws. He overheard some humans talking about all the things they stress about and now he's got all these crazy ideas about stress and relaxing stuck in his head! No wonder his stress levels are all over the place. Help Paws on his journey. Remove the ideas of stress and relaxing from his head. Ensure that he doesn't panic! Calm him down and help him breathe!"


Paws was designed from Jaiyan's own experience with anxiety and panic attacks. He wanted to use a popular game genre in order to raise awareness for overcoming stress and anxiety by changing the way we approach our understanding of it.

Paws does three things to raise awareness. First, it asks the question, what are we left with if we get rid of the whole idea of stressing and relaxing from our minds. Second, it reminds us that stress can never really be overcome. There are always stressors being placed on us everyday and we can only be aware of them as they arise and this awareness is what's necessary. And third, panic attacks caused by over stressing are not the end of the world. They are a function of hyperventilation and the way out of them is to do a special type of breathing which gives much more control if they ever arise.

Overall, it's Jaiyan's first game built using the Unity game engine. It's his learning Unity game.


  • 82 fun-filled levels of varying difficultly
  • Cute animations of cute little Paws. Aww.
  • Pesky mind jellys.
  • Relaxing breathing mechanic. Helps you calm down. Really.
  • Lots of free stars and powerups.
  • Facebook connectivity for inviting friends, sharing, and competing through global leaderboards
  • Five stress-busting powerups: Joy, remove random pieces; Fish, get more moves; Play, get more panics; Zen, reset the stress meter; Paws, pause the stress meter.


Paws Trailer (YouTube)


Paws Screenshot
Paws Screenshot
Paws Screenshot
Paws Screenshot
Paws Screenshot

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Jaiyan Khosa
Design, Programming, Graphics, Animation

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