The Creation of a Self is a series of visual art and quotes inspired by the notion of booting a computer, creating a self, programming its memories and destroying memory monsters created from those memories, where the action of psychological death equals the discovery of love, truth, or what J. Krishnamurti calls "the awakening of intelligence."

Stylistically, a love letter to 80s and 90s retro computers, dripping with oldschool visuals lovingly splattered with glitch, with further inspiration coming from the hacker and electronic music cultures of the same time period.

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The Creation of a Self started out as a traditional game release, but as life has moved along I've decided to switch to creating and releasing only visual art and quotes related to what are now these types of art series. Thanks for your interest! I look forward to focusing my efforts and improving my visual work as I go from here. See below for other work, including music and videos, that were created for this project.