A love letter to 80s and 90s retro computing. A game that intersects poetry, programming, computers, love, death, freedom and living. Create a new self, program its memories, and destroy memory monsters created from those memories.


a glitched out computer interface sprinkled with the latest retro inspired visuals

2D/Puzzle/FPS game elements: from a runner, a terminal and desktop with puzzles,
to FPS levels where you destroy 9 different memory monsters

100s of poems as memories, ready to program a new self

ability to type your own memories or build them by dragging and dropping
words from the memory stream, like fridge magnets

full access to play with the memory stream and its glitch effects
to splash create monsters, faces and more

look out for other gems like BIOS loading screens, system errors,
a hidden quotes BBS, and a Gibson to destroy!

80s and 90s electronic music inspired soundtrack

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  get more out of the game  

Read through the development blog:
Read insights and quotes that come up during development

Memory Creation Demo
In this demo you can get an overall feel for the game as well as create a self, program its first memory and see the creation of a memory monster.

Download zip(*) versions on [ITCH.IO] for PC/Mac or download directly on [STEAM].

Things to try in this demo:

1) Create a new self, program its first memory, and see the creation of a memory monster.
2) Build and write your own memories with the New Memory Creator and copy them to the clipboard in the Created Memories menu.
3) Play with the Memory Stream from the main menu and try out some cool and interesting effects.
4) Type out 'commands' within the Created Memories and Self Collection menus! Connect to the Quotes-BBS! And guess the root password.

Stay up to date for future demos which will include the 2D runner, puzzles, and FPS levels.

* As you probably already know, the ZIP format is the most popular format for compressing files on an IBM PC. "Pkzip" is a DOS program that will compress files into a ZIP archive file, saving valuable disk space. If you intend to transfer the ZIP file by modem, you also save valuable on-line time. The companion program, pkunzip, will extract the original files from a ZIP file. Many files that are available for download on the internet are stored as ZIP files to minimize your download time.
Memory Creation Demo
Please surf to this web page on a desktop class browser to play.
IBM compatible/Macintosh versions are available.